First Third Conversations

Mr. Rogers and Mission

By Derek Tronsgard

Earlier this week the city of Boston was rocked by bombs and tragedy.  And ever since Monday, the 24-hour news cycle, the internet, TV, radio, and other media have been covering the fallout non-stop. 

And in the midst of all of the coverage and saturation of this event, one sentiment has gone viral.  I've seen it all over Twitter, my Facebook feed, on aggregator sites like Reddit, and even in everyday conversations with people.

This sentiment originated (as far

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What I learned from Max

By Dr. Terri Martinson Elton, Director of the Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary

 We're a week into 2013 and I, like many, use this change in the calendar year as a time to reflect. It can be typical and ordinary in many ways, but I do it faithfully each year. I'm not keen on making resolutions, but know amidst my fast-paced life, I need to stop and create space for discernment.

Discernment for me usually centers around the question, "how am I stewarding my life?", with secondary

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By Julie Hagen

Christmas is quickly approaching and the to-do list that might otherwise stress me out, seems somewhat insignificant this year.  Instead of finishing my end of year budget at work and wrapping gifts at home, I’ve been reading stories of children, teachers and administrators whose lives were all cut too short.  Our lives have been rocked by the death of those 20 innocent children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT. 

Earlier this week, Terri wrote a powerful

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