First Third Conversations

Place Matters: A Reflection on Mike King's Presentation

By Dr. Nancy Going

Place matters.

Mike King looks at both the church and the process of faith formation from a pretty unique perspective.  Longevity.   He has lived in Kansas City his whole life, and served the same parachurch organization—Youthfront for 36 years.  His organization figures that something like 1/4 of the population of the Kansas City area has been through their Youthfront camps. 

 That is impressive in and of itself.  But Mike’s longevity

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Space to be Church: A Reflection on Ryan Bolger's Presentation

Sandy TroyanBy Sandy Troyan, MA Children, Youth and Family senior at Luther Seminary

Conversation on the First Third of Life

The conversation is alive, yet holds two dominate perspectives:

- I am aware that the world around me is different. Things look different. People are different. And the very nature of our wants and needs are much different.

- I am aware of the world around me. This is the way things have always been. The people are like I always remember. And the very nature of my wants and needs

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Reflection on the Missional Church Consultation presention by Terri Elton

Jesse Weissby Jesse Weiss, MA senior at Luther Seminary

A Redefined Childhood

In order to embrace a “Faithful Future,” we need to understand the influence of the consumer society on faith formation.  Dr. Terri Elton pointed us to the reality that Identity in American society had been based on tradition. Families went to church because that is simply what families had always been doing. Society has now shifted the place we find identity from tradition to consumption.  Consumption has become

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