First Third Conversations

Introducing AMP (All Metro Praise)...

"Collaborative Worship - an act of Stewardship" 

Dave Scherer and Tony Fair give us a peek into the emerging All Metro Praise (AMP) worship experience partnering city and suburban churches in praising God together with ALL of our gifts.  The first AMP worship experience will be January 29th at Augsburg College.  All are welcome - so come!

Where: Augsburg College, Hoversten Chapel

When: January 29th, February 26th, March 18th, April 29th and May 3rd

Time: Open mic at 5:30, worship

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A Compelling, Biblical Case for Relationship

Terence Fretheim, Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, talks about prayer and relationship with God.

"God understands what a healthy relationship entails, and that means communication on the part of both parties. . . What people have to say to God in this relationship counts!"

Fretheim says that biblical understandings of prayer can show us what it means to be connected, and how to make that connection.

Fretheim will be one of the presenters at "A Faithful Future: A Conversation

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Raising Children: Fostering Faith in a Digital Age

Many parents feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the digital wizardry of their own children.  Kids as young as 8 and 9 can master an iPod and download apps that their parents haven’t even heard of, not to mention the popularity of the Wii, PS2, and various other gaming platforms. The almost immediate embrace of every new technology by children and youth leaves parents struggling to keep up.

The digital age raises particular challenges for parents, grandparents, pastors, youth workers,

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First Third Dialogues: Ministering to Children of Divorce

In September 2010, Luther Seminary's Center for First Third Ministry, hosted a First Third Dialogue on the topic of Children of Divorce.

This conference was for those on the front-lines of ministry with children and youth who know the realities of divorce. Participants shared their own powerful experiences of divorce and heard from experts in the field about the impact of divorce on youth and young adults particularly in regards to sociology and faith.

The goal was to provide space to share stories

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