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The Ladder of Cool

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Derek Tronsgard, one of our First Third Voices gives his take on Sarah's Bane's thesis topic in:

Youth Ministry, Stewardship, and the Ladder of Cool

(Before reading this post, we highly recommend reading Sarah Bane's thesis. It's posted again at the bottom of this blog. It's brilliant & it's worth the read.)

Sarah's on to something when she talks about stewardship being more than “giving”.  She's also on to something

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Stewardship as a paradigm for Youth Ministry?

  This article was originally published on 5/21/2013 on

The night before taking my first group of young people to camp as a rookie youth director, I became consumed by a desire to purchase a pair of brightly colored sneakers.  Feeling like I was on a game show to find the perfect pair of sneakers before the store closed, I finally landed on a pair of electric blueberry cross-trainers.  They were awesome – just like the ones I had seen on countless 11 to 14

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Closing the Ministry Gap

Josh Feala

Here's another contribution from one of our CYF graduates thesis. This one, by Joshua Feala, addresses the issue of youth ministry and congregational leadership. Enjoy!

Closing The Ministry Gap actually began years ago when I was a youth in the church. I noticed there was this distance between the pastor and my fellow youth. Our interactions were limited mainly to confirmation instruction and the awkward greeting on Sunday morning. As years passed, I noticed the same pattern happening in other

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