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A digital sabbatical

"2008-04-08 (Methwold Old Vicarage) - 061" by Nick McPhee via Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.A blog post by Andy Root

Image credit: "2008-04-08 (Methwold Old Vicarage) - 061" by Nic McPhee on Flickr.

Hello faithful visitors to this First Third site!

You have probably noticed that things have been quiet on this page, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for the last four weeks or so.  There’s a reason -- things have been very busy for Children, Youth and Family Ministry (CYF) at Luther Seminary.  We’ve moved into some very exciting new places (both

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Article: "On Beyond Zebra: Beyond Traditional Models for Children’s Ministry" by Amber Espinosa

Amber Espinosa, a recent Luther Seminary M.A. graduate, explores the changing face of children's ministry in her prize-winning article, "On Beyond Zebra: Beyond Traditional Models for Children's Ministry."

In the article, she riffs on Dr. Seuss' classic children's book, On Beyond Zebra!, where the young narrator invents letters beyond the conventional alphabet.

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