First Third Conversations

Resources on Reclaiming the Servant's Heart for Mission

Want to dig deeper in the First Third conversation on mission?

Here are three articles on mission experiences for different audiences:

This paper describes the curricular nature of short-term mission trips as experiential, often sacramental, and as a curriculum of Becoming…The educational hope of the trip resembled a seed planted in their lives—that as the students participated in overseas missions, the experiences would grow and ripen into lives of passionate faith in God and service. p. 257

Experiences that take emerging adults out of their comfort zone and immerse them in unfamiliar surroundings enable them to view the world, themselves, God, and the things of God in new and refreshing ways. p. 289

Engaging in service with one's family can be a powerful opportunity for growing in faith. Both children and adults are more likely to have a growing, strong faith when their family serves others together than those who are not engaged in serving others together. Furthermore, it shapes their views of themselves, their work, and God. p.23

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