First Third Conversations presents our first annual SUMMER READING EDITION

We know that summer life for Youth Ministry leaders is often hectic and trip-filled.  But there are those days in between when you are either recovering from one of those journeys, or just enjoying the lull as fewer of the school season's programs are filling your days.  It’s a great time to immerse yourself in higher levels of thinking about ministry and how God moving us and calling the church.  


Over the next two months we will be rolling out amazing, thought-provoking, blow your mind articles each week.  They are the results of Luther Seminary's Children Youth and Family ministry program's capstone class. We've done video interviews with Andrew Kellner and Karen Gieseke, our two CYF prize winners for this year, and then asked each of the authors to provide you with an overview of their paper. We'll be posting those along with the full paper and possibilities our authors want to share with you for resourcing their ideas.

We'd also love to get conversation going about these Youth Ministry bending ideas.  Be sure to come back and comment on their blog posts.  

 Its summer.  Time to lay back and do some thinking…. 

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