First Third Conversations

Review of Missional Church Consultation posts

A Faithful Future: A Conversation about the missional church and the first third of life

The Seventh Annual Consultation on the Missional Church, held Nov. 4-5, 2011

  • Preview Video: Dr. Terri Elton discusses the Missional Church and the First Third of Life

"Cultivating a Consequential Faith in a Consumer-Driven World: From Object to Subject to Agent" by Dr. Terri Elton

"Following Jesus in Participatory culture: Faithful Living in a World Mediated by Technology" by Dr. Ryan Bolger

"Thrive: Curating Environments for Vibrant Faith Communities" by Mike King

“Enivisioning the Future of Faith Formation in the First Third of Life” by John Roberto

"Finding Ourselves in the Biblical Story" by Dr. David Lose

"Urban Ministry and the First Third of Life -- Joint Venture: The Missional Call to Accompaniment" by Brenda Olson

"Anticipating the Kingdom:  Engaging students in Missional Faith Formation" by Todd Hobart

"Thinking Deeply about Relationship: The Practical Adequacy of Our Understanding of the God-Human Relationship" by Dr. Terence Fretheim

What conversations surfaced at the event?

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