Monkey Business: A First Third Dialogue on the Confirmation Process

February 27-29, 2012

Monkeying Around"Monkey Business"! That's what Martin Luther called the rite of confirmation as he knew it in his day. Luther's teaching helped inspire a renewed understanding of faith formation among young people.  That was 500 years ago.  What about today? The numbers of young people that the church is losing after, and possibly through, the confirmation process, are rising annually.

Join us for this First Third Dialogue designed to both begin, as well as further, ongoing conversations about deep and adaptive change in our churches regarding the "confirmation process." That's right, we're not going to be talking about which curriculum to use. At all. Instead, we'll be setting the stage for robust conversation regarding the theology, history, research, and future of this central aspect of youth ministry in so many churches. There'll be engaging and informative presentations, and you'll spend much time in rich conversation about where and how to bring adaptive change to the discipleship of young people. You'll have the opportunity to set up support systems so that you can see the change through.

See this video introducing the event!


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