First Third from Luther Seminary has offered a number of dialogues on the ministry with those in the first third of life.

Past Dialogues:

Why Can't My Church Be More Like Camp? The Power of Immersion Learning in Faith Formation (Nov. 2012)

This First Third Dialogue brought Mike King and Paul Hill together to reflect on the power of outdoor ministry and what congregations can learn from camps. ... See More » or Order Videos »

Monkey Business: A First Third Dialogue on the Confirmation Process (Feb. 2012)

This First Third Dialogue furthered ongoing conversations about deep and adaptive change in our churches regarding the "confirmation process." ... See More » or Order Videos »

A Faithful Future: A Conversation about the missional church and the first third of life (Nov. 2011)

The Seventh Annual Consultation on the Missional Church was an inspiring success. Now you can enjoy videos, reflections, and resources from the event, further exploring what it means to be a faithful, open and imaginative church.. ... See More »

Raising Children: Fostering Faith in a Digital Age (March 2011)

Luther Seminary, through its Center for First Third Ministry, hosted a First Third Dialogue in March 2011 on the topic of Faith Formation and the Digital Age. ... Read More »

Ministering to Children of Divorce (Sept. 2010)

Center for First Third Ministry hosted a First Third Dialogue in September 2010 on the topic of Children of Divorce, featuring Andrew Root and Elizabeth Marquardt. ... Read more »

First Third is bringing the Dialogue to you in a whole new format. Wherever you are, with your team or on your own, we want to help you cultivate faith in the first third of life. 

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