First Third Conversations

Introducing AMP (All Metro Praise)...

"Collaborative Worship - an act of Stewardship" 

Dave Scherer and Tony Fair give us a peek into the emerging All Metro Praise (AMP) worship experience partnering city and suburban churches in praising God together with ALL of our gifts.  The first AMP worship experience will be January 29th at Augsburg College.  All are welcome - so come!

Where: Augsburg College, Hoversten Chapel

When: January 29th, February 26th, March 18th, April 29th and May 3rd

Time: Open mic at 5:30, worship

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Congregational Resource for Brenda Olson's Presentation

Examples of Mentoring Programs in Urban Contexts

> See video of Brenda's summary here

  • Kinship is a community-based, one-to-one youth mentoring program.

From Kinship: Does mentoring work?

Studies show that mentoring reduces: drug and alcohol use; school drop outs; teen pregnancy; and violent behavior.

  • Treehouse is a faith based, non-profit organization offering hope and guidance to hurting teens during difficult times.

From TreeHouse: The evolving TreeHouse program

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Congregational Resource for David Lose's Presentation

In reflecting on David Lose's presentation about Finding Ourselves in the Biblical Story, this scripture text comes to mind. 

Joel 1:2-4 – Tell of This to All Future Generations

from Luther Seminary's

Use this passage reflection to open up discussion:

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Mike King at Missional Church Consultation

"Thrive: Curating Environments for Vibrant Faith Communities"

Mike King

How do we move from being programmers who do events and programs that tend to create mere connections with adolescents, to youth workers who craft environments where young people inhabit transforming space and sustained Christian formation? Serving as a curator requires deep theological reflection and an inclusive posture, along with the acquisition and development of skills to shape an environment of transformation

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Dr. Ryan Bolger at Missional Church Consultation

"Following Jesus in Participatory culture: Faithful Living in a World Mediated by technology"

Dr. Ryan Bolger, Part 1 above 

Click HERE for Part 2

Ryan Bolger examines how the social media revolution has reshaped daily life for those in the first third of life. In addition, he explores how these cultural changes impact churches. How might Christians pursue the reign of God in these new cultures?

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Congregation Resources relating to Cyber-Bullying


Here are a couple of ways you can begin to get your church talking about and practicing the shaping power of living into a child of God identity rather than a consumer one, and address the issue of cyber-bullying at the same time.

  • Here is a resource that
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Reflection on the Missional Church Consultation presention by Terri Elton

Jesse Weissby Jesse Weiss, MA senior at Luther Seminary

A Redefined Childhood

In order to embrace a “Faithful Future,” we need to understand the influence of the consumer society on faith formation.  Dr. Terri Elton pointed us to the reality that Identity in American society had been based on tradition. Families went to church because that is simply what families had always been doing. Society has now shifted the place we find identity from tradition to consumption.  Consumption has become

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Dr. Terri Elton at Missional Church Consultation

"Cultivating a Consequential Faith in a Consumer-Driven World: From Object to Subject to Agent"

Dr. Terri Elton, Part 1 above 

Click HERE for Part 2

In a world where bullying is the top news story and teens are becoming defined by their technology, how are today’s children and youth going to discover a Christian way of life? In this presentation, Terri Elton critiques our predominate societal understanding of human identity in light of those in the first third of life, re-examines

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A Compelling, Biblical Case for Relationship

Terence Fretheim, Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, talks about prayer and relationship with God.

"God understands what a healthy relationship entails, and that means communication on the part of both parties. . . What people have to say to God in this relationship counts!"

Fretheim says that biblical understandings of prayer can show us what it means to be connected, and how to make that connection.

Fretheim will be one of the presenters at "A Faithful Future: A Conversation

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Timeonomics - Part 2: Time Stealers

[Part 2 in a series. See also Timeonomics, Part 1: Quitting Church]

Roland Martinson, academic dean of Luther Seminary and long-time expert in children, youth and family ministry, discusses the challenges that families face when it comes to devoting time to each other and to church.

Martinson shares tips on how to make time for reflection within families and in the church community, and discusses how the stewardship of time demands our greatest efforts as stewardship leaders in today's church.

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