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Taking Time to Rest, even if it means saying "No"

SereneA blog post by Tim Bowman

I haven't been working directly in youth ministry for very long, but there is one thing that I have learned, which is that youth ministry is hard. Seriously, it is not an easy profession to be a part of. There are so many different voices coming to you on a day to day basis: senior pastors, associate pastors, other church staff, synod staff, parents, volunteers, and of course, the youth.

We have a lot asked of us on any given day and even more in a given month or semester.

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Sabbath, push back, and grace

By Andy Sahl

"Andy, I don’t think I want to be an intern anymore."  

I really couldn’t believe my ears.  For years our few spots for high school interns (high school students that help with our middle school program) was a coveted role.  For the last two years we’ve added the number of inters and only allowed them to serve for a semester instead of the whole year.  There is honor and status in being an intern.

The young man asking to be relieved of his intern

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