First Third Conversations

Playing Out the Dialogue

As we explore confirmation, we need to move the dialogue into action.

Your ministry is a game worth playing in this life, and we want to help you set yourself up to win. There’s a great deal at stake! The goal-setting process below is to help you take what you’ve learned and design a way to bring it to life in your ministry: create a “winnable game”.

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Congregational Resource for Todd Hobart's Presentation


In Todd Hobart's video, he recommended churches do 2 things:
1) Discern where you are as a church. Identify your particular context and the issues in your community.
2) Discern who you are as a group of people. Learn about the congregation and its strengths. Then, you can see how you fit into what God is doing in the world.

Where are we?: Discovering Your Community

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Congregational Resource for Brenda Olson's Presentation

Examples of Mentoring Programs in Urban Contexts

> See video of Brenda's summary here

  • Kinship is a community-based, one-to-one youth mentoring program.

From Kinship: Does mentoring work?

Studies show that mentoring reduces: drug and alcohol use; school drop outs; teen pregnancy; and violent behavior.

  • Treehouse is a faith based, non-profit organization offering hope and guidance to hurting teens during difficult times.

From TreeHouse: The evolving TreeHouse program

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Full Circle Training Activity


 By Tom Schwolert

Influenced by relational faith circles

“To encircle young people with authentic, available, and affirming adults who support them in their faith and life journey.”

The traditional model of youth ministry asserts that if we build a youth group that is big and active, we will profoundly influence the faith of young people. The reality is that most faith-nurture happens outside the church walls in everyday life through the people that encircle and are intentional

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