First Third Conversations

For Kids - Bible Stories or Faith Practices?

A blog post by Diane Shallue

Often in children’s ministry there is a focus on teaching children various Bible stories. What if we reframed children’s ministry as learning how to be part of a faith community, as learning about and then doing various faith practices? Would this change the focus of a Sunday School or week day program?

When children are baptized, they begin a lifelong journey in which they create relationships with God, other people, and a faith community. How does one help

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Finding Advent Rhythms

A blog post by Ben McDonald Coltvet

Image Credit: Advent Terminus - Happy Holiday 5 by Stuart Dootson on Flickr

Free time: It's one thing that easily gets "lost in the holidays" in my household. Time to play, time to be a family, time to be alone, time to sleep.

With all the schedules and commitments that overlap at the end of the year, it's easy to feel like our family's calendar is out of control.

How does this happen? Is it a result of poor planning or too much planning? Both?

One gift that

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