First Third Conversations

Learning the Language of Gamers

By Rachel Schwenke, Children, Youth and Family Program Assistant

How can the language of faith be communicated in a relevant way for gamers? Can the truth of the Bible intersect with the gaming language many use on a daily basis? Here's a few ideas of how to use this lingo IRL (that's "in real life" for you newbs).


"Jesus said, 'I am the REZ and Cheal. If you are on my team, you will never Perma D.' "

(John 11:25, translated to game-speak)

  • REZ: Short for resurrect
  • Cheal: Complete
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God and ... Gaming?!? The World of Today

By Nora Romness, MA CYF graduate of Luther Seminary

If I said something was “uber l33t,” would you know what I meant?  What if I said I partied in a pug and we got wiped by the boss because the tank couldn’t hold aggro and the healer oom’ed during the fight?  Chances are that many youth today would read the previous two sentences without missing a beat, while most people over 25 may now wear a puzzled look.  L33t?  Wiped?  Oom’ed?  Aren’t

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Resource for your Community of Creativity

Photos by Sandy Troyan, MA CYF graduate from Luther Seminary

As you reflect on Andrew Kellner's idea of Communities of Creativity, here is a resource for you to use in your context.

  • What kind of religious symbols could kids find in this pictures?
  • What meaning do these pictures convey to youth?
  • What images convey the Christian story to your youth?

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Essay and study guide on The Hunger Games

See this resource from the Immerse Journal, which includes a user's guide for Prim in Dystopia.

Written by Clint Schnekloth

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Steve Jobs Confirmation Update!

By Hans Wiersma, professor of Religion at Augsburg College, where he also helps oversee the Youth and Family Ministry Program.

Those of you who were part of the "Monkey Business" First Third Dialog on the Confirmation Process may recall that Steve Jobs (Peace Be upon Him) was a recurring character in my two talks.  The late founder of Apple Computer was raised Lutheran. But according to Walter Isaacson, who wrote Jobs' authorized biography, Jobs' involvement with his Lutheran church "came

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Video Resource: Life in 6 words

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The Hunger Games: A Guide for Discussion by David Lose

See an overview and suggested study guide for The Hunger Games by David Lose.

This is a great resource to talk about the book with teens and youth groups.

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Congregational Resource for Todd Hobart's Presentation


In Todd Hobart's video, he recommended churches do 2 things:
1) Discern where you are as a church. Identify your particular context and the issues in your community.
2) Discern who you are as a group of people. Learn about the congregation and its strengths. Then, you can see how you fit into what God is doing in the world.

Where are we?: Discovering Your Community

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Introducing AMP (All Metro Praise)...

"Collaborative Worship - an act of Stewardship" 

Dave Scherer and Tony Fair give us a peek into the emerging All Metro Praise (AMP) worship experience partnering city and suburban churches in praising God together with ALL of our gifts.  The first AMP worship experience will be January 29th at Augsburg College.  All are welcome - so come!

Where: Augsburg College, Hoversten Chapel

When: January 29th, February 26th, March 18th, April 29th and May 3rd

Time: Open mic at 5:30, worship

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Youth Ministry Doesn't Exist


Which is Why We Need it All the More

by Andy Root

"Youth ministry doesn't exist; it is not a biblical or theological concept. Rather, youth ministry is simply ministry, ministry human person to human person in search of God."


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