First Third Conversations

Creating Space to Share Ideas

By Julie Hagen

I'm so excited about the kind of space can be. In my first blog here, I thought I’d play everyone’s favorite ice breaker called Two Truths and a Lie. Here we go!

     1. My favorite color is green. 

     2. I've yet to join Pinterest. 

     3. I have a crush on Joe Mauer

Do you have a guess? The lie is......

     2. I’ve yet to join Pinterest. 

In fact, I may be turning

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Interview with CYF Prize Winner on "Communities of Creativity"

Interview of Andrew Kellner, CYF MA graduate and CYF Prize Winner 2012

Read Andrew's full paper:

  • See Andrew's Blog Post Here
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Communities of Creativity: The Role of Symbols in Youth Formation

By Andrew Kellner, CYF MA graduate and CYF Prize Winner 2012

Have you noticed that young people by and large have immersed themselves into a new understanding of communication, through the use of personal electronic devices and social networking tools.  Older generations, with whom youth workers still must communicate, use a very different set of communication tools, and when they do make forays into newer modes of communication, often they utilize these modes, in different ways than their younger

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