First Third Conversations

Lean on Me

TrustA blog post by Tom Schwolert

Image Credit: Trust in the Lord by listentothemountains on Flickr

There’s an old camp song that goes, “Whose side are you leanin’ on? Leanin’ on the Lord’s side. I lean, I lean, I lean, I lean, leanin’ on the Lord’s side.” I really hated it because it was so cheesy, as many camp songs are. Maybe that’s why we don’t forget them. If there has ever been a “song plant,” I’ve had this one planted

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Do Your Thing

A blog post by Tom Schwolert 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live a life of significance. Ten months ago my perfectly healthy 17 year old son died due to complications from the flu. A few weeks ago, I resigned from my youth and family position, and I am in a time of transition. I also turned 50 over the summer. Oh, and my youngest daughter just turned 16.

Do Your Own Thing by Ibrahim Lujaz on Flickr

Yes, this past year has been like no other. I have struggled to find meaning

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