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A digital sabbatical

"2008-04-08 (Methwold Old Vicarage) - 061" by Nick McPhee via Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.A blog post by Andy Root

Image credit: "2008-04-08 (Methwold Old Vicarage) - 061" by Nic McPhee on Flickr.

Hello faithful visitors to this First Third site!

You have probably noticed that things have been quiet on this page, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for the last four weeks or so.  There’s a reason -- things have been very busy for Children, Youth and Family Ministry (CYF) at Luther Seminary.  We’ve moved into some very exciting new places (both

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Stewarding the Other "T"

A blog post by Tim Coltvet

Image Credit: iPad and iPhone by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

Time, talents, treasures, and...Technology?

How my fifth grade son has become so adept at typing may not surprise you. Playing Minecraft and a host of other online games has him punching the keyboard like a rag-time piano player. Building fictitious worlds and kingdoms, communicating with other gamers, fingers flying on the keyboard…quite frankly, I am impressed!

That being said, I do have moments of pause

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Halloween Post: Is teaching kids about money too scary? - by Rev. Tim Coltvet

Pumpkin cousins

This article was originally posted on 10/20/2011. If you didn't catch it then, we hope you enjoy its message anew!

Dorothy C. Bass and Craig Dykstra once unpacked the meaning of Christian practices. They write: "By Christian practices we mean things Christian people do together over time to address fundamental human needs in response to and in the light of God's active presence for the life of the world. Thinking of a way of life as made up of a constitutive set of practices breaks a way of life

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