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Youth and an Earth Ethic

A blog post by Rich Holleque

I have been pondering a question lately as I have continued to write my senior paper for the CYF program here at Luther Seminary: “What would it mean in youth ministry to proclaim the message of the gospel with an intentional focus of Christian stewardship of the earth?” In other words, how do we incorporate the message of steward, not consumer, within the whole of youth ministry?

Right now, our youth culture forms its identity around being a consumer. Books

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Connecting Your Narrative with the Biblical Narrative

BibleA blog post by Rich Holleque

Image Credit: Open Bible by Ryk Neethling on Flickr

If you’re like me then you’re continually amazed and humbled by how insightful youth can be during Bible studies. I have had the privilege of leading a small group Bible study at the context where I work.

Now don’t get me wrong, every bible study doesn’t lead to enlightening discussion in our group. In fact, if I had a dollar for how many times we get off topic onto seemingly pointless subjects,

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