First Third Conversations

The Spirit Creator: Sowing Seeds of Hope through Environmentally Focused Children, Youth and Family Ministry

By Keith Long, MDIV CYF graduate of Luther Seminary

Something is amiss in how we engage and educate young people in their lives of faith. It is disheartening to witness the disappearance of youth and families from the church. Decreased attendance leads to less risk-taking, which in my opinion, leads to apathy and boredom. As a result, I think we have lost a tremendous amount of passion in passing on the faith and what matters most in our lives as Jesus followers. Conviction and belief ought to be

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Learning the Language of Gamers

By Rachel Schwenke, Children, Youth and Family Program Assistant

How can the language of faith be communicated in a relevant way for gamers? Can the truth of the Bible intersect with the gaming language many use on a daily basis? Here's a few ideas of how to use this lingo IRL (that's "in real life" for you newbs).


"Jesus said, 'I am the REZ and Cheal. If you are on my team, you will never Perma D.' "

(John 11:25, translated to game-speak)

  • REZ: Short for resurrect
  • Cheal: Complete
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God and ... Gaming?!? The World of Today

By Nora Romness, MA CYF graduate of Luther Seminary

If I said something was “uber l33t,” would you know what I meant?  What if I said I partied in a pug and we got wiped by the boss because the tank couldn’t hold aggro and the healer oom’ed during the fight?  Chances are that many youth today would read the previous two sentences without missing a beat, while most people over 25 may now wear a puzzled look.  L33t?  Wiped?  Oom’ed?  Aren’t

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