First Third Conversations

Dr. Ryan Bolger at Missional Church Consultation

"Following Jesus in Participatory culture: Faithful Living in a World Mediated by technology"

Dr. Ryan Bolger, Part 1 above 

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Ryan Bolger examines how the social media revolution has reshaped daily life for those in the first third of life. In addition, he explores how these cultural changes impact churches. How might Christians pursue the reign of God in these new cultures?

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Congregation Resources relating to Cyber-Bullying


Here are a couple of ways you can begin to get your church talking about and practicing the shaping power of living into a child of God identity rather than a consumer one, and address the issue of cyber-bullying at the same time.

  • Here is a resource that
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Reflection on the Missional Church Consultation presention by Terri Elton

Jesse Weissby Jesse Weiss, MA senior at Luther Seminary

A Redefined Childhood

In order to embrace a “Faithful Future,” we need to understand the influence of the consumer society on faith formation.  Dr. Terri Elton pointed us to the reality that Identity in American society had been based on tradition. Families went to church because that is simply what families had always been doing. Society has now shifted the place we find identity from tradition to consumption.  Consumption has become

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Missional Church Consultation on the First Third of Life

Dr. Terri Elton discusses the Missional Church and the First Third of Life

How does the church remain faithful, while also being open and imaginative?

The church finds itself at an important crossroads. Aspects of church are being questioned, new challenges are stressing current practices and old answers are not sufficient for current circumstances. In the midst of this reality, however, some believe that the future of the church has great promise.

Those participating in the Missional Church

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