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The Sweet Spot by Tom Schwolert

The term “sweet spot” is often used in sports. It is that place on the face of a golf club that creates the best possible shot or on the baseball bat that sends the ball over the center field fence.

Have you ever thought of having a “sweet spot” in ministry? I can think of a few times when a Bible study just seemed to have all the right ingredients for a unique ministry moment.  I can think of those times when a leadership team of youth just suddenly “clicks” and they truly see their God-given purpose. 

These are “sweet spot” moments that we treasure in our ministries.  The Exemplary Youth Ministry study encourages us to develop ministry so that we can experience the “sweet spot” in a more holistic way.

The study showed that congregations who focused on the three major spheres of home, congregation and age-specific ministry often hit the “sweet spot.” 

When congregations focused on these three spheres simultaneously, the spheres would intersect and create a “sweet spot” where young people were more likely to develop a mature Christian faith. 

I love the idea of hitting a “sweet spot” in ministry. How’s your church doing? Are you only doing “youth ministry” separate from the congregation? Are you only helping develop faith in the home? Are you only working to help the congregation own youth ministry?

Take a moment to step back and assess how your church is doing in these three spheres. In the “sweet spot” of ministry we are using our God given gifts fully and young people are developing a faith that will stand the test of time. Down the middle of the fairway is always the best place to be.

Tom Schwolert is Director of Youth & Family Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Flower Mound, Texas, and has over 22 years of youth ministry experience.

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