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Tool: Identifying Your Church’s Culture

Nancy's blog The Race discusses the culture of busyness and how the church interacts with that race.

Terri's blog The Shift discusses how major shifts have taken place in culture which are reframing what people think and believe, as well as how they relate and imagine life. These new realities need to be integrated into ministry. 

So how do you investigate your church's culture as it interacts with the wider culture?

Viewing Your Church as an Outsider

Begin by analyzing your church’s culture through the eyes of an outsider. Imagine that in the last month people from your community participated in your church’s worship services, sat in on church programs, met several core people, and learned a bit of the history of your church. The goal in this first set of questions is to describe your church’s invisible cultural “megaphone” as it is perceived by an observer.

Analyzing Your Church’s Current Culture

1. Look at leadership and values.

2. Look at the mission statement of your church. Write your assessment of your mission statement, and how you are or aren’t living it out.

3. Look at your symbols, ceremonies, and celebrations. Write your assessment. 

4. Look at yourself as a leader.

What are the key values that presently drive the culture of our church? Are these the values I am passionate about and the ones our leadership team believes that God wants for our church?

Take the assessment here: 

Identifying Your Church’s Culture

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