First Third Conversations

Back to Confirmation

Bet you've got your head down now!  We know you are working hard on getting all kinds of things ready for "Back to School." 

Including Confirmation. 

At, we're going to use this month to keep pushing what you might be thinking about how you are going to approach this critical ministry with your youth. It's critical not because of what you do together on any individual Wednesday night (or  whenever you have your time together).  It's critical because so many of your young people and their families leave the church after you are done.  

Some of you are thinking of major adaptive changes based on our Monkey Business FirstThird Dialogue last February. We want to encourage that process and share some of the fruit of some of the conversations that have continued from that dialogue.  

Many of you are ready to start thinking about how to look at this fixture in your ministry with young people differently.  We want to encourage you too! Use and share this blog from Luther's own David Lose to help your conversation get started. 

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