First Third Conversations

Review of Monkey Business: A First Third Dialogue on Confirmation posts

Monkey Business: A First Third Dialogue on the Confirmation Process

The dialogue was held Feb. 27-29, 2012

Pre-Dialogue Resources

At the Dialogue

" 'Affen Spiel'? How we Got Here" by Dr. Hans Wiersma

  • Video with Dr. Hans Wiersma

“What are We Doing? Maturing Christian Young People” by Dr. Nancy Going

"Post-Modern Youth and 16th Century Teaching Tracts" by Dr. Hans Wiersma

"Facing Reality: The Current State of Confirmation" by Dr. Nancy Going

  • Video with Dr. Nancy Going

"How to Create Adaptive Change in your Congregation" by Rev. Nancy Lee Gauche and Coach Tom Langemo


What conversations surfaced at the event?

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