Degrees and Programs


The Children, Youth and Family Ministry Program at Luther Seminary has a variety of ways that make it work for you.

Residential Program

The residential degree program provides theology, theory and practice in a holistic educational environment for M.A.'s,M.Div.’s, or certificate students.

Distributed Program

The distributed learning program allows you to continue serving in a ministry setting while completing your theological education -- M.A., M.Div. or certificate. The course curriculum is the same as the residential model; however Distributed Learning student’s combine short term, face-to-face classes and online coursework.

ALL of our programs help you become a stronger and more spiritually focused leader by connecting with you in:

  • Courses:
    You'll have tremendous flexibility in designing a concentration to focus on one of the following areas: Children and Family Ministry; Youth and Family Ministry; Young Adult Ministry; Outdoor Ministry. See a listing of CYF courses.
  • Community:
    In addition to seminary-wide community-building activities, the CYF ministry program continually seeks ways to add to your growth in and through community. The CYF program offers retreats, weekly gatherings, learning events, bi-weekly cohort groups and lots of opportunity for one-on-one interaction. The time students, faculty and staff spend together are a key part of the educational process and in developing as public Christian leaders.
  • Context:
    All CYF Ministry students will have the opportunity to extend their learning process beyond the classroom. Residential students work in salaried positions, typically 15 to 20 hours a week within area congregations. Distributed learning students continue working part- or full-time in their ministry site while fulfilling their academic coursework. You will benefit from supervision and leadership coaching in your field experience. Read more about First Third Partners and Context.

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